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There has been no celebrated occasion as auspicious and as huge as a wedding, nor there will ever be. When you come to think of it, why shouldn't it be so? A wedding is not just a symbol of love manifested, but is a beautiful celebration which signifies the beginning of an exciting new journey; hopefully a forever type of one!


This blog on different wedding dresses around the world aims to bring to you the fashion movements that have taken the bridal world by storm, and the fashion trends that have whipped all the fashionistas across the globe into a nuptial frenzy.



Western Weddings

Western/American Wedding dress picture 

American or English, the western wedding is all about the prettiest white dress. Be it a full length A-line gown or a tea length one, an off-the-shoulder trumpet styled one or a fitted sheath, all are in fashion. You can view one amazing collection of hand picked chic wedding dresses in the latest styles at

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The Great Indian Affair

Indian/Hindu Wedding Dress

Indian weddings are a whole other affair. They are larger than life and seem to go on forever! And the bride’s dress is just beyond imagination. Bold, bright red with lots of intricate embroidery and shiny crystal work, glittery lace and gold needlework, all makes the perfect Indian bridal dress. The wedding may be in the homeland itself or anywhere across the globe, but one thing remains constant..the Indian wedding apparel.


Arabic Wedding Dresses

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Dubai, UAE and the rest of the Muslim Middle East all celebrate an Arabic themed wedding. Amid steaming dishes of mandi, ojja and saffron rice and delicious desserts like Baklava and Kunafa, Arabic wedding dresses are also unique.

Long trailing gowns with detailed needle work, and long veils to go on top constitute ‘the dress’. It maybe in any color from plain white to azure blue, tea pink to sunny yellow. And of course there is the hijab that covers the bride’s head and neck. The ensemble is completed with heavy gold jewelry and smoky eye makeup.



Japanese Wedding Dresses

Japanese Wedding

A traditional Japanese bride wears a simple white kimono, often accompanied with an ornate head piece as her wedding dress. The white symbolizes purity, and for some religious folks, virginity as well. The bride may change her white kimono for a bright red kimono after the ceremony because the red co lour symbolizes good luck.



Nigerian Wedding Dresses


A Nigerian bride wears a wedding dress of a bright color. Tangy orange, bright red, grassy green or sky blue, whatever the color may be, it is chosen to reflect happiness and celebration. The dress itself may be a skirt style or a traditional gown, and is accompanied with an adorned headpiece called Gele.

Chinese Wedding Dresses

Chinese wedding apparel consists of a bright red kimono often decorated with patterns in various other colors. The red shade symbolizes good luck according to the Chinese culture. The wedding dress is accessorized with a large and heavy head piece which is also in red.



Scottish Wedding Dresses

In a traditional Scottish wedding, the bridegroom wears a kilt in the colors and pattern that represent his family, or more accurately, his clan. The colors of the clan are worn and displayed proudly during the ceremony. The bride wears a white dress much the same as in a western wedding, except for one thing…The white gown is accessorized with a plaid of the clan’s colors. She may wear her own clan’s colors, or her soon to be husband’s, to symbolize the harmonious unity of the two clans.

In conclusion...

This is just a brief over view of some different wedding dresses around the world. If you are looking for ideas for your own big day, visit for some fantastic ideas, at the best prices. Look.chic™  and Feel.chic™ on your wedding day!

Below...write of your experiences at any of the weddings mentioned above or any others around the world. We would love to hear all about it!

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